Due to the biggest artificial lake found in New Jersey, a lot of travelers have since been visiting the Mount Arlington borough. So when in town, don’t forget to taste the cuisines of New Jersey in restaurants nearby.

Jersey Breakfast Dog



New Jersey is famous for its commercial industrial and food production and is well-known for contributing three items that became important to the improvement of the state’s cuisine: frozen food, Grape juice and Mason jar.
Nevertheless, if you’re hungry for New Jersey original recipes like beefsteak, disco fries, sausage sandwich and pork roll, then you better check out these recommended restaurants near Mt. Arlington.
1. Cracker Barrel
If you’re looking for a great place to have breakfast and anticipate the best services there is, then Cracker Barrel is the restaurant that you’re looking for. You should absolutely sample their meatloaf, and if there’s a chance that you brought your children with you, then don’t forget to order the Griddle cakes for them. 
2. Pub 199
If you’re craving for the freshest seafood and yearning for the best lobster cuisine in Mt. Arlington, then you should definitely check out Pub 199. In addition to this, you should also sample their burger, though it is suggested that you avoid rush hours as it could get really overcrowded in this restaurant.
3. Blossom Asian Bistro
Lastly, if your taste buds are longing for authentic yet affordable Thai and other Asian cuisines while in Mt. Arlington, then you should visit Blossom Asian Bistro. For less than $10, you could already fill yourself up with their special lunch meals and relax in a sparkling clean environment that offers fast and polite staff. 
Overall, Mt. Arlington has so much to offer in terms of offering not only New Jersey cuisines but also other food specialties as well.

So don’t forget to check out these suggested restaurants when traveling to Mount Arlington, New Jersey!


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