Oregon is a home to countless of birds and wildlife species; hence, birding is a great activity to while your time in this beautiful US continent.


While you can start your bird watching activity at the Klamath Wildlife Area, which is a Miller Island Unit and where you can see a great variety of ducks and geese, there are more migratory birds that can be seen on the Link River Trail, examples of which include waterfowl and gebes.

But the best site to get a great view of soaring bald eagles is in the Klamath Wingwatchers’ Lake Ewauna Nature Trail, which is just nearby Klamath Falls. Here you’ll personally see ospreys, herons and the most majestic of them all, the Klamath bald eagle.

Get a load of this bird specie in Travel Oregon’s vid, in which the user shares,

The Klamath Basin in southern Oregon is the wintertime home of up to 1,000 bald eagles plus nearly two million other migratory birds, making it a prime location for wildlife viewing.

So start preparing for your next birding adventure as early as now!

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