Experience a different part of Russia by braving through its Kitoy River.


You will definitely touch a different Russian experience in the various outdoor activities that are waiting for you in Buryatia.

From horseback riding, biking and trekking the Sayan Mountains to relaxing at its Khoyto-Gol Warm Springs, another adrenaline-filled adventure you could do when in Russia is to take part in a whitewater rafting during the first half of the year.

Running for hundreds of kilometers is Angara River’s left tributary, the Kitoy River. Watch Tomass Marnics as he enjoys Russia by braving through this body of water.

If I would say that I like this river, I would say nothing, I am definitely in love with this amazing «phenomenon» that has been created by nature thousands years ago. It was my 5th visit on this river during last 4 years and I want to go back there again and again. I am travelling a lot all around the world and I have never seen something similar to this place. Only here you could see the combination of roughness, the uniqueness of the sceneries, color of the water and the color of rock, the amount of fish in the river, mushrooms and berries and just huge amount of «FUN» that you are getting from the kayaking here. I have been here many times and each and every of them is unique. I know for sure, that next year I will go to Biluti again. There are not so many places as this one and they do remain in our hearts and souls forever, taking some part of our internal world. This part is inside us, it is alive...

So start planning your next adventure as soon as possible!

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