These are the tips that you should always keep in mind when visiting Dunhuang.

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Dunhuang City is found in the province of Gansu, and this Chinese city is well-known as a starting point for the famous Silk Road and popular travel attractions, such as the Dunhuang Caves, Crescent Moon Lake, Mogao Caves and Singing Sand Mountains.
Read on to get important travel tips when planning a trip to Dunhuang.
1. Best Time to Visit
Since sandstorms often pass by Dunhuang during March to April, it is ideal to visit this oasis between May and September. 
2. Public Transport System
There are taxis and buses in the city, but you should be oriented that you won’t be finding any taxi waiting sheds around. Aside from this, cab fare meters are inexistent, so your fare is estimated based on the distance of the travel as well as the type of taxi that is hailed. With this scenario, you could simply haggle your fare with the taxi driver. 
3. Shopping Areas
Canvass the price of the item that you’re interested in purchasing with different vendors so that you could get the best price. Furthermore, you can get a Dunhuang souvenir by buying their special handcrafted carpets. You may also check out downtown Dunhuang if you’re shopping during the day, and then don’t forget to eat at the Shazhou Night Market to sample the city’s exotic cuisine. 
4. Health Tips
Stay healthy by consuming adequate amount of water and oxidants everyday. Keep a lip balm in your pocket all the time to prevent dry lips (the air is generally dry all day long). It doesn’t matter what season you’re visiting, make sure you pack a wind-proof jacket as well as sunscreen, cap/hat and sunglasses. 
So make sure you keep all these travel tips in mind before going to Dunhuang.

Start planning your trip to Dunhuang today!

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