Not many travelers know how beautiful the Philippines is, so we compiled three of the best places to visit in this wonderful country.

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The Philippines is blessed with thousands of islands and a tropical climate to be dubbed as the next big thing in the Southeast Asian tourism.
So read on to learn more about the top three places to see in the Philippine archipelago.
1. Tubbataha Reef
The southwestern part of the Philippines is embraced by the Sulu Sea, and it’s in here where the world-renowned Tubbataha Reef can be seen. This is an atoll coral reef that is honored as a national marine park, which features more than a thousand of diverse marine wildlife, including sharks, manta rays, clownfish, lionfish and sea turtles. Diving excursions are available with an entrance fee of as little as $75.
2. Boracay Island
Known as one of the most popular islands in the Philippines, the award-winning beaches of Boracay are absolutely a must-see. While commercialization has further made this place a little bit crowded, both locals and foreigners flock to the island not only for its immaculately powder-sand beaches but also for its famous nightlife and gastronomic offerings.
3. Coron
While the equally stunning El Nido beaches and islets are found in the Palawan province, it is also here where the breathtakingly beautiful Coron can be found. Travelers are given the opportunity to not only experience the rustic lifestyle and the chance to do outdoorsy activities, such as mountain climbing, as well as relax in hot springs but to also witness the pristine lakes and beaches set upon towering limestone formations in its neighboring islands.
There are, in fact, a lot more gorgeous travel attractions in the Philippines, yet the Tubbataha Reef, Boracay Island and Coron are the top three must-see places in this archipelago.

So start planning your next vacation now!

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