No one can certainly deny the fact that the 115 acres of land and the seven themes presented by Tokyo Disneyland are not a joke at all.

Tokyo Disneyland



If you wish to make the most out of your Tokyo Disneyland tour and plan to tour the rest of the city in your remaining days in Japan, then you’d have to know how to complete your tour in just a single day. Read on to learn about this.
1. Evening Rides
For favored rides that don’t offer FASTPASS and for those who don’t plan to waste 30 minutes in a very long queue, then an evening ride is a perfect option. Fantasyland rides are particularly less crowded in the evening as kids don’t stay long for the night, so remember to come back and take that ever-so-popular ride.
2. Low-Peak Season
Needless to say, low-peak seasons are the most perfect time to go to Tokyo Disneyland. This does not only mean fewer visitors and shorter lines, it also indicates affordable accommodations as well!
3. Watch the Parade
The amount of time you spend in watching parades is lesser compared to the relatively longer hours required to watch live theatre shows. All the same, you’ll enjoy watching the full performance of your preferred Disney characters along with multihued props, likable songs and vibrant environment. 
4. Plan Ahead
Know which particular rides you want to try, and don’t spend a single minute arguing which ride you will or will not take.
5. Eat During Off Peak Hours
Just like the long lines seen outside the gates of the rides, you’d also expect long queues in restaurants and banquet halls. Make sure to eat your meal earlier or at a later time, when fewer diners are in the area. 
Particular rides that are popular among park goers usually offer the FASTPASS (FP), which is a type of ticket that enables you to enjoy other parts of Tokyo Disneyland and just return to the FP ride at the time specified on the FP ticket. Instead of waiting for 30 minutes to one hour, you’d find yourself waiting in line for just about ten minutes. 
So maximize your one-day Tokyo Disneyland experience just by following the tips above!
Start planning your trip to Tokyo Disneyland today!

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