A lot of travelers are of the view that guided tours in Africa can be a little expensive compared to a do-it-yourself travel.

Tips on Finding Cheap Guided Tours in Africa
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However, there are instances when a DIY proves to be costlier, especially if you are not knowledgeable about the usual prices, fares and room rates in a particular place.

To avoid getting swindled while on your own and for a more comfortable and convenient way of traveling, you should take guided tours into consideration when travelling to this continent. You do not need to worry about breaking the bank in the end since we will tell you a few tips on finding cheap escorted tours in Africa.

1. Confining Your Travel Plans

Limiting your travel plans to a particular country or city would greatly allow you to save on your escorted tour in Africa. For instance, sticking to a 3-day safari tour in Kenya is, in no doubt, less expensive ($304) than opting for a 5-day tour in Botswana ($1,351), where travelers find their pockets too light before they could even go home.

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2. Travelling with a Group

If you are on your own and it is still your first time in Africa, then having a guided tour with a group is one of the wisest things you could have chosen. With the help of your tour guide, you can save your self from running into dangers that you neither are prepared of nor anticipate.

This does not only talk about the wild animals gracing the grasslands and reserves of Africa but also about the possible political issues haunting some parts of the continent. So it is best that you become familiar of the place first with a group and a trusted escorted tour before heading out on your own.

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3. Off-Peak Season

Not joining the strings of travelers flying to Africa during peak seasons is a clever decision, especially if you want to find cheap guided tours in African countries. However, this also means that you have to prepare your self for the wet season.

Hence, proper planning is highly recommended, and you must understand that the peak seasons happen during the dry months of November to March and holiday vacations brought about by Christmas, New Year and Easter.

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Overall, cheap guided tours in Africa are more than possible, just as long as you follow all of the tips mentioned above!

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