Salzburg is simply the perfect place for nature, music and architecture enthusiasts—continue reading to learn why!

Things that You Should Never Miss Doing When Visiting Salzburg

With the huge city of Salzburg perfectly lying at the base of the Bavarian Alps and with the numerous remarkable monuments dotting this Austrian city, there are surely a lot of activities waiting for you in here—most especially if you simply love breathing in absolutely beautiful sceneries or appreciating the complexities of a structural design.

Read on to learn more about the things that you should never miss doing when visiting Salzburg.

* Kauzinerberg

Whatever height you find yourself in on this gorgeous hill, it’s a promise that a dazzling vista is waiting for you each and every time. Standing for thousands of feet, travelers could not only hike and take pleasure in the amazingly beautiful views of the city but they could also opt to visit the Capuchin Monastery located at the lower slopes of Kauzinerberg.

* Salzburg Castle

Regarded as the biggest intact and most well-preserved medieval castle in the entire Europe, the Salzburg Castle is a must-see when visiting the city. It’s never enough to just be contented with the wonderful views of this fortress whichever part of the city you may be in as you really need to ascend the Monchsberg rock, see the panoramic view of the city and the countryside below and take a guided tour in the Salzburg Castle’s marvelous interiors.

* Getting to Know Mozart

Lastly, your visit to Salzburg is by no means complete if you haven’t taken an educative tour around the residence, birthplace and dedication square built for the world-renowned composer, Mozart. Take your picture with this classical composer’s statue, take a peek at the house (now turned into a museum) where he was born and see for yourself the place where he grew up, a residence which is now turned into yet another great museum.

So don’t you ever dare miss the Kauzinerberg Hill, Salzburg Castle and Mozart tours when visiting Salzburg!

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