This travel gadget does come with a hefty price, but its functions and eco-friendly efforts are truly beneficial.

Support Green Travel with the Water-Powered Charger PowerTrekk

If you’re fond of outdoor pursuits like biking, hiking or camping, then you’ll need extra battery with your travel gadgets, most especially if you plan on pursuing a long term outdoor activity. Although you’ll have to prepare more than $200 just so you could get your hands on the water-powered charger PowerTrekk, all you’ll need in return is a small amount of salt or fresh water instead of depending on sunlight or electric outlet.

Get more info on PowerTrekk in a quick review provided by’s Christen Costa. Here’s an excerpt of his observations:

The PowerTrekk is a portable charger designed to work with 5V USB devices.  It’s the same pitch as Mophie, but unlike them, the PowerTrekk doesn’t require an external power source or “the grid” to juice up your favorite gadgets – though their PowerTrekk does includes a 1500mAh battery as a backup.  Instead, you just need to add a tablespoon of water to the device, insert a fresh PowerTrekk puck, and through the magic of hydrogen technology, you can recharge your gear.

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