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Spend a Week in Wye and See an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Wye Valley is a globally vital protected landscape spanning the perimeters of Wales and England, and families who wish to experience the perfect countryside vacation should totally check out this part of Britain.

Spanning the intensely beautiful English counties of Monmouthshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, Wye Valley will turn out to be one of the prettiest places that you and your family will ever set foot on. Aside from bonding with your children on the road via the many cycling routes available in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you could also get a rare dose of adrenaline rush from the numerous adventure-oriented activities that abound in Wye, some of which includes kayaking and treetop zip wires.

While you could always opt for log cabins set in trees, tents on campgrounds or comfy cottages to spend your rustic holidays in, you could also take advice from Daily Mail UK Travel staff writer Joanna Tweedy on what B&Bs, inns or hotels to take into consideration during your stay in Wye (“Many Reasons Wye: Bucolic Scenery and Nectarous Cider in Beautiful Border Country”).

Below is a snippet of her recent travel post:

Back at Symond’s Yat East, which takes its name from 17th century local sheriff Robert Symonds and the old word for a gate, ‘Yat’, we stamp the mud from our boots and take our seats in The Saracen’s Head Inn… Burrowed into the hillside, it has a perfect vantage point from which to watch the ‘ancient hand ferry’ take passengers across the Wye. A ride on this flat green boat, which requires a ferryman to pull the vessel across the river using a cable above his head, costs £1 and for your gold coin you’ll reach Symond's Yat West and a whole new network of forest walks… We watch the ferry make its last journey of the day while nursing a glass of McCrindle’s Vintage Cider.

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