Paris isn’t only famous for its unmatchable cuisine because even sweets lovers will fall in love with this city’s selection of desserts.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Fauchon

Aside from the church, place de la Madeleine boasts of an uber loaded super-delicatessen that mainly attracts serious bons vivants who aren’t bothered by the steep prices they pay just for good food. Fauchon is, in no doubt, the place to be if you consider yourself a fussy diner.  For sure, no negative feedbacks will escape your mouth as soon as you keep this busy with café pastry and bread specialties like boulangerie and patisserie as well as ultimate desserts like the renowned éclairs that are particularly sold in seasonal flavors.

Learn more about Fauchon in a short overview below:

Fauchon leaves its strong and precise mark on the great classics: Norwegian artichoke, thin tarts, savory millefeuilles, pan-fried duck foie gras… with their know-how, our chefs are creating the classics of the future: stuffed wild eggplant, crystal scallops baked en papillote, monkfish casserole with Champagne, savory madeleines… It is as if they have sculptured the desserts that are created here. Each pastry creation is a celebration where colors, shapes, flavors and textures make up an original and harmonious whole.

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