Hate sleeping at the airport? Then the nearby airplane hostel is a nice place to stay at.

A Typical Boeing 747-200 Plane


Let the Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet, now known as the Jumbo Hostel, be your next hotel to stay in when waiting for your flight at the Stockholm airport.

With 29 comfy guestrooms, ranging from single- to triple-bed bedrooms to the more affordable dormitories, this former airplane-hostel will take you to a different ride, most especially if you opt to sleep at the lavish Cockpit suite at its upper deck.

Find out more about this truly unique Stockholm accommodation, and consider never being late on your next flight again by sleeping at the Jumbo Hostel. Here’s an excerpt of a travel post created by Neil Simpson as he stayed a night at today’s featured accommodation ("Plane Crazy or Plane Daft? Joining the Jet Set at Stockholm's Cheerful Jumbo Hostel"):

First impression as you walk towards the place? Very soon you’ll also be able to walk along the top of one of the wings and get to a newly built observation deck as well… Climb the stairs or use the lift and you board the plane through the usual door – the one at the front on the left, just about where the rich people normally sit… Most of them are full of the plane’s original features. Want somewhere to put your luggage? Try the overhead locker. Want a bit of shade? Pull down your little window blind. Need a reading light? Try the panel above your head… You get a flat screen TV – and you can flick on to Arlanda’s live departure and arrivals board just in case you forget where you are.

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