One of the top island destinations in the Caribbean may even become more popular with its new celebrity representative.

Barbados Beach


The island nation of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles is up for a new tactic in increasing its tourism efforts.

With the sultry services of international pop star and Barbados native Rihanna to back them up, this island is now not only one of Caribbean’s most developed isles but also one of its most favorite holiday destinations. So called as the region’s Little Britain, the beach is not the only travel attraction in this island country as it also takes pride in many gullys and caves like the Welchman Hall Gully and the Harrison’s Cave.

For sure, these pretty places of interest will become more famous with the help of Rihanna, and this piece of travel news is further covered by Daily Mail UK Travel (“Love the Way You Lie on the Beach: Rihanna ‘Leaks’ Promotional Photos as New ‘Face’ of Barbados”).

Here’s an excerpt of the travel news:

In a series of images released this week, the singer’s facial features are barely visible. Instead, the oblique snapshots show her in a series of poses – walking into the distance with her back to the camera, playing dominos on a Bajan beach, dancing on the sand in swirly soft focus, and raising her arms in a pool. You can see a selection of them on this page. You've probably noticed that already… Of course, as is the way of things in this social media age, 'released' isn’t exactly the correct word either. The photos have been 'leaked' online by the singer via her Twitter and Instagram accounts. More than 60 people – her followers on the various sites – have therefore had a preview glimpse of the marketing campaign ahead of its official launch.

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