Claimed to be the world’s entertainment capital, Hollywood never fails to pique the interest of many celebrity hooked travelers. Haven’t you ever thought of touring this famous district even just for a day?

In Los Angeles, Tour Hollywood in a Day

Whether you are hopeful to have spotted a famed celebrity or are simply interested to have experienced a single day in Hollywood, then a visit to this prominent Los Angeles district might be more than enough for you.

Hollywood’s cultural identity has graced billions of TV sets around the world, so a trip to this historical place would seem like personally experiencing the everyday life of your favorite celebrity. 
Mail on Sunday Travel Editor Frank Barrett shares to Daily Mail UK his day tour experience in Hollywood and all the intriguing pieces of information that he has gathered (“Hollywood’s Buried Treasure: Dodging Scary Tour Guides and Jennifer Aniston on a Trip to LA’s Real Home of the Stars”). He initially observed that this celebrated area has become “the starting point for dozens of competing bus tours, each promising its own special glimpse of celebrity.”
Below is an excerpt from his interesting article:
On our way into the Beverly Hills Hotel, we rubbed shoulders with author Jackie Collins as she was leaving (have a drink or a meal in the famous Polo Lounge and a star sighting is almost guaranteed). At the Bel-Air, as I waited for a valet to park my car, Jennifer Aniston breezed past like a goddess… (However) if you want to get one of the most interesting glimpses of Hollywood's past - and it will cost you absolutely nothing - visit the area's extraordinary cemeteries. 
Read the rest of his article, and maybe you, too, will be enticed to take day tour trip to Hollywood.

So start planning your trip to Los Angeles today!


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