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Calibishie Beach, Dominica


Located in the Lesser Antilles is the island country of Dominica, which is also known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean due to its untouched natural exquisiteness.

Since it is Lesser Antilles’ youngest isle, it is in Dominica where you’ll find the second biggest hot spring in the world in the name of the Boiling Lake. In addition to this, you’ll also encounter rare species of animals, plants and birds as you see yourself being surrounded by verdant and rugged tropical forests.

Find out more about Dominica in the eyes of a Daily Mail UK Travel writer as he vacations in this part of the Caribbean and effortlessly communes with nature (“A Walk on the Brighter Side: Forget Fly and Flop, Dominica is a Trekker’s Paradise”). Below is a snippet of his travel post:

The first sector comes up from Scotts Head on the south-west coast through this Shangri-La meadow where we'd love to linger, but a Champagne treat awaits… Down we go, through mango and wild orange trees, and luxuriant, exotic flowering shrubs. Lizards skitter across the path; tiny land crabs hide in their shell homes under the dappled light… The 'treat' is a snorkel from Champagne Beach where hot gases emerge from the seabed amid swaying corals and shoals of brilliantly-hued fish. A baleful barracuda keeps watch as sunlight makes silvery streamers of thousands of tiny bubbles rising to the surface of the warmed water. From the shore, iguanas glare unblinking before scuttling back into sandy caves.

Get the rest of his travel post here, and consider getting close to Mother nature and her creations by holidaying in Dominica.

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