Looking for a nice non-American experience in Washington? Then an Irish pub in Chinatown is a good idea!

Fado - Get an Irish Experience in the Middle of Washington’s Chinatown

No, you’re not only going to imbibe in Irish beer at Fado, you’re also going to get a truly authentic Irish experience – something that’ll make you think that you’re in Ireland and are actually drinking in a typical Irish pub. Everything here is shipped from Ireland – even its floor stones. Learn more about Fado in a quick review provided by Dwight Thompson from Washington Post right here:


If you're still not smelling the clover, have a chat with Mark -- the bartender from Cork -- over an Imperial pint (20 oz.) of Guinness. A wonderful place to bring an appetite, Fado tries to cover the gamut of Irish dining. The menu varies from such classics as corned beef and cabbage to dishes more international like curry and chips or farmhouse brie. And, of course, all the Irish stouts, whiskies and lagers you care to sample.

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