See how it is to cruise along the second longest river in Central Europe.

The Iron Gate in Danube River



The international waterway of Danube could now be cruised, starting from the Donaueschingen Town in Germany, passing through ten Central European nations, particularly Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Slovakia. 
Daily Mail UK Travel cruisers Simon and Susan Veness even gave the Danube River cruise a try, being able to see natural and popular travel attractions down the waterway, including the Bulgaria’s Srebarna Nature Reserve as well as Austria’s National Park Donau-Auen (“The Delight of a Danube Cruise: Making 80 New Friends in 12 Days”).
Here’s an excerpt of their cruise trip:
After a half-day tour of Bucharest, where the outrageous excesses of the Ceausescu regime are now a rapidly fading specter, we were driven an hour south to our home for the next 12 days, the elegant and recently refurbished River Duchess, of Uniworld River Cruises… In Bulgaria, we toured Arbanassi, a tiny settlement boasting classical Renaissance architecture, monastery and churches, including one where a quartet of singers treated us to a capella concert of spine-tingling 16th Century authenticity. In Serbia, we watched spellbound as the elderly folk of Belgrade gathered in front of the 1,000-year-old Kalemegdan fortress to dance in slow groups, a weekly ritual you could imagine being passed down through centuries of Slavic stoicism – an outlook perhaps developed by the many, many battles that have raged around this historic city. 

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