Don't let this amazing cruise -- and the chance to be in beautiful Jamaica -- miss you!

Board Royal Caribbean Cruise at Jamaica's Port of Falmouth
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Jamaica is an amazing island full of vibrant entertainment, rich culture and heritage. This is the home of Reggae music, with its soothing tones and conscious lyrical content. There is much to explore and enjoy here, from tours and activities to beaches, waterfalls, rivers and a range of attractions.

Royal Caribbean is an American cruise ship company, which offers premium cruises to exquisite destinations, Jamaica being one of them, and Falmouth one of its many stops. The entire package is everything you can imagine, and more. The onboard experience is unlike any other, and there are a host of attractions and spots to have fun and be entertained on the ship, as well as great restaurants serving delectable international cuisine.

The town of Falmouth itself is a historic venue. Its shipping port has over 240 years of history, and the town is a quaint yet bustling area, offering you a view into Jamaica’s past through architecture, museums and sites of interest. When you’re done exploring, you can purchase souvenirs, which are sold all over the main part of the town, and close to the port, before heading back to the ship.

Good spots to visit in Falmouth include: Good Hope Great House, built in the 1700’s and entirely restored; the Martha Brae River, where you can take a journey along the currents on a bamboo raft; or Appleton Estate, where you can check out some of Jamaica’s best rum, and see how it is made. At the estate, you will also have the chance to sample aged rums and purchase as you like. Falmouth also has great shopping spots such as Albert George Shopping and Historical Centre. You can purchase anything from groceries and clothes to souvenirs and local art.

One thing you should definitely be sure to do while here, is to sample the local cuisine. Jamaica is a land of many cultures coming together in one big “melting pot”. The food is the same, with influences from all corners of the globe including Africa, India, China, England, Spain and others. Don't let this cruise -- and the chance to be in beautiful Jamaica -- miss you!

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