Are You Looking for a FUN Time?

by Jen - City of Mexico, Mo, United States -

All of us here at Budget Travel Warehouse LOVE to make sure a good time is had for ALL of our clients!

I stumbled acorss this article today and thought it would be a GREAT article to share so...

" Grab your coat and a handful of glitter, and enter the land of fog and fabulousness. So long, inhibitions; hello, San Francisco."

Rainbow flags adorn apartment windows and bar entrances in many San Francisco neighbourhoods, with nearly every bar and business in the Castro catering to gays and lesbians. 

In Sydney gay is the new straight. Gay and lesbian culture forms a vocal, vital, well-organised and colourful part of Sydney’s social fabric.

Touted as the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, partisan estimates put the proportion of gay and lesbian people in Amsterdam at 20% to 30%.


Do as the Love Boat used to, and dock in the world famous resort town of Puerto Vallarta. The gay scene here is pumping, with accommodations, tours, cruises and a variety of venues all catering to the gay market.


During Carnaval (February or March), thousands of expatriate Brazilian and gringo gays fly in to take part in the fun, with transvestites stealing the show at most balls.


I want to go to City of Mexico