If you like fishing, this is the place for you.

A small Italian Fishing Village, Portofino
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Portofino is a small and a nice looking Italian village famous for fishing.

The village is located on the banks of the Italian River. Both the administration division, called the Commune and the Resorts are situated in the province of Genoa. The village has a lot of small harbors’ and is said to be the most beautiful Mediterranean ports. Portofino Italy is the manifestation of La Dolce Vita. The location of the Portofino is amazingly picturesque. The town has high cliffs with trees lined all across them. The view to the ocean is fantastic, the warm sunny weather, as well as the delicious food, makes Portofino a perfect holiday spot.

The charming and old fashioned town became a popular spot of the rich and the prominent. A lot of Hollywood stars come to Portofino for fun and relaxation. One can travel to Portofino through numerous ways. One can take a train, fly into Genoa and then either take a taxi ride by road or opt for a sea taxi. Portofino is a true travel destination and offers a variety of activities for the visitors. One can indulge into large scale shopping, beautiful sightseeing, water games and the famous Italian dining.

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