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ChristChurch Cathedral Nassau - 2: Blessed Sacrament Altar


Christ Church Cathedral is the "Mother Church" of all of the Anglican churches in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. In 1670, King Charles II granted the colony (of the Bahamas) to the Lord Proprietors of Carolina. The Proprietors were instructed to "build churches and chapels in furtherance of the Christian Religion."

A stunning feature of the Cathedral that was not a part of the refurbishment project was the East windows which depict the Crucifixion in the center panel, the Empty Tomb and the Ascension in the two side panels. The panels were made in France by M. Fassi-Cadet of Nice. They were a gift from Charles A. Munroe, an American who spent many years in the Bahamas. They were given in memory of his son, Lieutenant Logan Munroe, who died in active duty in the Second World War in the South Pacific on June 16th, 1945. The windows were unveiled and dedicated in March, 1949.

There are no tombs in the Cathedral. However, what one will notice on the inside are numerous memorial plaques and engravings which relate the history of distinguished citizens, government officials, loyal army officers, afflicted families and their losses. In the foyer of the Cathedral one can find the following on the south wall:

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